Tune-Up Kent, WA

You can restore the efficiency and power back to your vehicle with a regular engine Tune-Up, performed by Lloyd’s Auto Clinic located in Kent, Washington. When Lloyd’s Auto Clinic performs a Tune-Up, we will install new components, such as fuel filters and spark plugs as required as well as visually inspect all of the components of your engine. With a Tune-Up on your vehicle you will discover that your engine is much more efficient, runs much smoother, and also starts easier. You can also restore lost power of your vehicle, ramp up the fuel economy of your vehicle, and lower the emissions of your vehicle with a regular engine Tune-Up. We will perform the Tune-Up based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle. You will be saving time and money by ramping up the health of your vehicle in the long term.

The computer system, emission system, fuel system, and ignition system will all be working in unison whenever your vehicle has had a proper Tune-Up performed. This results in a ramp up of the efficiency in the combustion chamber, which results in your vehicle emitting the least amount of pollutants and saved money at the gas pump. You should check your owners’ manual in order to determine if your vehicle is due for a Tune-Up. The intervals for these procedures vary with different vehicles. It isn’t always true that this procedure will solve a problem with drivability. In order to confirm that your vehicle will benefit from having a proper Tune-Up, our ASE certified automotive technicians will perform a verification of the procedure to be performed. The problem with your vehicle might be unrelated to having a proper Tune-Up performed and your vehicle might require a complete diagnosis of the engine in your vehicle. Our proper Tune-Up procedures that will ramp up the performance of your vehicle will include:

  • Complete Maintenance Inspection
  • Idle/Timing Speed Adjustable, if Adjustable
  • Analysis of Emissions Levels
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Verification of the Tuning Procedures

All of the components that we install in your vehicle are guaranteed to exceed or meet the specifications provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle. If requested to do so, we will return all of your old components to you. Much the same as all of the services that we perform, this Tune-Up is advised based on the industry standards or our determination during our inspection or based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle. Regular vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to ramp up your investment, and performing a Tune-Up will extend the life of your vehicle.

The most commonly replaced components during a proper Tune-Up procedure include the fuel filter, spark plug wires, spark plugs, and air filter. It is also a good idea to check other components under the hood including fluids, hoses, and belts. These should all be included in the Tune-Up procedures.

Kent, WA Tune-Up Experts

The engines of today are hard to troubleshoot, highly advanced, and difficult to perform a proper Tune-Up on. That is the reason we use your vehicle computer information and sophisticated engine diagnostic equipment to determine worn out components and hidden problems. The proper Tune-Up for your vehicle depending on the model and age of your vehicle, will include:

  • VehiclesEequipped With a Manual Transmission, Adjustment of the Clutch.
  • Adjustment of the Timing and Idle on Your Vehicle.
  • Replacement of Worn or Faulty Fuel Filters, Air Filters, and Spark Plugs.
  • Replacement of Worn or Faulty Electronic Engine Components Including Electronic Control Module Components and Oxygen Sensors.
  • A Complete Inspection of the Entire Engine in Your Vehicle and All of Its Components.

You should schedule regular proper Tune-Ups to be performed on your vehicle yearly, because it is an important part of regular maintenance on your vehicle. A Tune-Up should be scheduled sooner if you notice any problems that include:

  • After You Initially Start Your Engine, the Check Engine Light Remains Illuminated.
  • When Accelerating or After You Have Turned the Ignition Off, You Hear Pinging or Knocking Sounds.
  • The Engine in Your Vehicle Stalls Out When Stopped or Sounds Like It Is Running Rough.
  • You Experience a Loss of Torque or Power.
  • You Notice a Decrease in Gas Mileage.

Performing the proper Tune-Up regularly will cause your vehicle to ramp up to the maximum vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. By making sure that faulty or worn components are replaced promptly.  The constant vibration and extreme temperatures in the engine compartment, even normal usage of your vehicle, can result in various engine components to become inefficient. A Tune-Up is an important factor in servicing these inefficacies.