Auto Steering Repair Kent, WA

You might have steering system problems that require Auto Steering Repair services by a reputable repair shop such as Lloyd’s Auto Clinic in Kent, Washington if you consider your driving time to be a workout of your upper arms because whenever you want your vehicle to go straight, your vehicle wants to make a turn. Lloyd’s Auto Clinic has ASE certified automotive technicians and the most modern diagnostic equipment to diagnose and perform Steering Repair on all makes and models of foreign or domestic vehicles. Our ASE certified automotive technicians will have you back to effortless driving with steering fluid flushes and Auto Steering Repair services after diagnosing the cause of the steering problems with your vehicle.

One of the most common steering problems is poor wheel alignment. Rough surfaces on the road as well as potholes can affect the alignment of your wheels in addition to making for a bad ride. Misaligned wheels can result in many different problems, such as a vehicle that has steering problems and uneven wear of the tires on the vehicle. Proper auto wheel alignment provides safer handling, improves fuel mileage, and helps your tires last longer. That is exactly what we are all about, which is to help you get the most out of your vehicle, for as long as you own it.

The wheels of your vehicle need to be in firm contact with the surface of the road at all times in order for you to maintain control of your vehicle. Poor steering, excessive or uneven tire wear, bouncing, and pulling are all symptoms of alignment, suspension, or steering problems. We have the capability to diagnose and perform Auto Steering Repair regardless if your vehicle has a strut based system that is quite typical on the majority for front wheel drive vehicles, or a traditional suspension system with shock absorbers. We also have the required equipment to correct any alignment problems that we may find.

Strut assemblies and shock absorbers work with the tires, springs, and suspension in order to make your vehicle ride smoothly over roads that are roughly surfaced. They help to make the ride safer by reducing the amount of bounce of the wheels. The front wheel drive vehicles of today are equipped with new suspension systems that combine more durable performance with lighter weight. However, it is important for you to take care of them immediately whenever you are experiencing a steering problem whenever any of these suspension systems require Auto Steering Repair service. Failure to do so will not only make your tires wear out more quickly but will also make your vehicle difficult and somewhat dangerous to drive.

Uneven wear of the tires on your vehicle is one indication that your suspension or steering system needs to be serviced. You might have a rack and pinion steering problem if whenever, you turn the steering wheel, if it drags or binds. Symptoms of CV joint problems include clacking or clicking noises, particularly when making sharp turns. We are fully qualified in the most modern steering technology and diagnostics. We will inspect your entire suspension and steering system, including CV joints, struts, and rack and pinion steering gear. We will then provide you with a free, no obligation written estimate prior to any work being performed.

Whenever you bring your vehicle in for suspension and steering service to our ASE certified auto technicians, your vehicle will receive a complete system inspection which includes all of the steering and suspension repairs required to get you safely back on the road, the replacement of missing, damaged or worn suspension or steering components that aren’t performing as desired, and a thorough inspection of all springs, struts, and shocks for signs of damage or wear. A wheel alignment is recommended with this service since the replacement of suspension and steering components might change the current angles of the wheels.

The suspension and steering systems on your vehicle are responsible for providing optimal handling performance and ride comfort. Worn suspension or steering components can reduce driver control and vehicle stability since even under normal driving road conditions, over time the springs, struts, and shocks of your steering and suspension systems can weaken. These conditions might also result in accelerated tire wear.

Kent Auto Steering Repair Experts

Although the majority of vehicle manufacturers recommend a suspension and steering system check every 50,000 mi. or 80,000 mi., if you notice any of the following warning signs, you should consider allowing our experienced ASE certified auto technicians inspect your struts and shocks sooner:

  • Your Tires are Wearing Unevenly
  • Your Steering Wheel is Crooked
  • Extreme Wandering and Bouncing
  • A Shaky, Bumpy, or Harsh Ride
  • Excessive Noise Whenever Driving over Bumps

Our ASE certified auto technicians can handle the most extreme auto steering problems and perform effective Auto Steering Repair services that will have your vehicle driving effortlessly once again.