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Fuel Injection Repair Kent, WA

Carbon deposits will build up on internal engine components as well as on fuel injector nozzles as the result of burning gasoline. This buildup of carbon can sometimes result damage to internal engine components and fuel injectors, reduced gas mileage, and poor engine performance. Lloyd’s Auto Repair recommends servicing the fuel injection sustem every 37,500 miles in order to remove these carbon deposits, which can preclude mechanical damage and result in higher gas mileage and improved engine performance. Not servicing the fuel injection system at the recommended interval can result in the requirement for Fuel Injection Repair by Lloyd’s Auto Clinic, or some other Kent Fuel Injection Repair shop.

An old gasoline filter can sometimes result in quite mysterious and frequently intermittent problems that make it hard to determine problems with the engine. A small amount of contaminates and dirt are contained in all gasoline, which is collected by your gasoline filter that eventually results in the reduced flow of gasoline to your engine. The vehicle will fail to start or stop completely when you least expect it whenever the gasoline filter becomes completely blocked. Typically, you might experience stalling or a difficult time starting the vehicle, although there is only a partial flow of gas that will make everything seem fine at slow speeds but will run poorly and sputter at higher speeds on the highway. We recommend that the fuel filter be changed every 30,000 miles in order to reduce the stress of a potential breakdown and to obtain better gasoline mileage.

Our Fuel Injection Repair services at Lloyd’s Auto Clinic includes a fuel efficiency package that includes cleaning and inspecting the gasoline tank, air intake, fuel injectors, and throttle body. We have numerous years of experience providing Fuel Injector Repair service in Kent, Washington and the surrounding areas. We provide Fuel Injection Repair service on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles including fleet repair, hybrid vehicles, SUVs, trucks and automobiles. You can depend on our ASE certified automotive technicians to do the job right the first time. We do dependable and honest automotive repair work at reasonable, competitive, and affordable prices.

We are committed to providing the finest quality professional flow testing services and ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning for most snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, marine, truck, and automobile applications that use gasoline injectors. You will have absolute peace of mind knowing for sure if your fuel injectors are bad or good prior to you reinstalling them on your engine after refurbishing your fuel injectors with our flow testing and computerized ultrasonic cleaning service.

Kent, WA Fuel Injection Repair Experts

It wasn’t very long ago that the majority of vehicles had their gasoline delivered to their engine via a carburetor. However, these days, nearly all vehicles use a fuel injection system. A required maintenance service has become necessary on the vehicles of today, known as fuel injector cleaning services. These fuel injector cleaning services can oftentimes preclude expensive Fuel Injection Repair services. After you have your fuel injectors cleaned the effects you can expect include:

  • An Engine That Might Last Longer
  • A Vehicle With Better Performance and Response
  • A Reduction of Toxic Emissions
  • A Vehicle With Optimal Fuel Efficiency

Whenever your vehicle has poor performance, is operating sluggishly, is achieving poor gas mileage, having difficulty starting, or hesitating you should bring it to our ASE certified automotive technicians to determine if a repair service will improve the performance of your vehicle. The fuel injectors, especially the injector nozzles, exist in a tremendously hot environment. Hardened carbon deposits are the result of the burning of the gasoline on fuel injector nozzle heads and piston valves can interfere with the flow of gasoline and the spray pattern. We can introduce the injector nozzles to a liquid cleaning agent, which will restore the proper flow of gasoline into the combustion chamber by dissolving these carbon deposits.

With todays’ ever increasing prices for gasoline, vehicle owners are spending a small fortune every month for gasoline. The best way to optimize your vehicle for fuel efficiency is to make sure that your fuel injectors are working correctly, although there are many different ways to optimize your vehicle for gas efficiency. We can determine if your fuel injectors have a problem and perform a repair that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and stop the gas guzzling any more than necessary. The fuel injectors in your vehicle can be suffering from poor fuel distribution by faulty injectors, which can result in more than simply poor fuel economy. Some of the other problems can include:

  • Leaking Fuel From Injector or Injector Seals
  • Loss of Power and Weak Acceleration
  • The Smell of Gasoline Inside the Vehicle
  • Poor Warm Weather Performance
  • Rough Idle
  • Hard Starting

The internal mechanisms in fuel injectors can weaken in time, which can result in the fuel injector not closing or opening properly and sending too little or too much fuel to the engine, regardless if your vehicle has a constant fuel injection system or an electronic fuel injection system. These faulty fuel injectors can also result in damage to other components of your fuel system including fuel distributors, fuel regulators, check valves, gasoline pumps, and gasoline filters if they aren’t replaced. This can mean a considerably more expensive repair.