Auto Emissions Repair Kent, WA

Following the factory recommended maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure you pass emissions testing. Emissions Repair by Lloyd’s Auto Clinic in Kent, Washington can help. There are some states that allow automobile owners to take their automobile to an approved repair shop, such as Lloyd’s Auto Clinic, while other states require the test be performed at a facility that is operated by the state. However, if your automobile doesn’t pass the emissions test the first thing to not do is panic. Usually if you have the Auto Emissions Repair completed by a reputable emission repair shop, such as Lloyd’s Auto Clinic within one month, you can take the test again for free.

We are Experts at Auto Emission Repair

We have the right diagnostic equipment to determine the cause of the increased emissions and the expertise to repair the problem. We provide outstanding customer services and excellent workmanship for all makes and models of foreign and domestic automobiles.

What makes sure that your vehicle operates in a clean and efficient manner under all kinds of operating conditions is the automotive emissions systems in your vehicle. We provide complete Auto Emissions Repair, service and testing. All of our ASE certified automotive technicians are expertly trained and highly qualified to use our most modern emissions testing equipment to ensure that your automobile or truck is providing the best performance possible.

By making sure that our vehicles are properly maintained according to the emissions specifications recommended by the manufacturer, vehicle owners, along with the government and industry, can be assured that we are doing our part to keep Washington State a healthful, emissions free, and clean place to live. As a recognized Auto Emissions Repair facility, our emissions services provided by our certified emissions technicians will include:

  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation Systems
  • Replacement of Oxygen Sensors
  • Replacement of Map Sensors
  • Evaporative Emission Systems
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems
  • Emission Services
  • Air Injection Systems
  • Diagnosis and Inspections

Kent Auto Emissions Repair Experts

Failing your emissions testing is close to the most inconvenient event in the world. However, if you bring your printout from your failed emissions test that was inspected by the state, we will diagnose and repair your emissions problem for you and have you back on the road with clean emissions in no time. We have numerous years of experience in the emissions service business in Kent and the surrounding areas.

About 10% of the vehicles that are tested for emissions each year fail the test out of about one million vehicles. Any vehicle, old or new, that has been poorly maintained or has emissions controls that are malfunctioning can emit excess pollution. These vehicles usually emit three to four times more pollution than is specified for new passenger cars. Some of those that fail only need proper tuning prior to being retested to meet emissions standards. If a vehicle fails the emissions test, there is no charge to be retested to meet emissions standards.

Repairs or adjustments to emissions equipment can be made by anybody including the vehicle owner, a technician in a service station, automobile dealership, or a garage mechanic. It is prohibited in Washington State to modify, alter, or disconnect any required pollution control or emissions equipment. The vehicle simply won’t pass the emissions test if the emissions equipment has been modified or removed. The emissions equipment must be repaired or reinstalled. In addition, it is also illegal to uninstall any emissions modifications that were made to your vehicle that were specifically performed to allow your vehicle meet the current emission standards.

For numerous years, Lloyd’s Auto Clinic has proudly been performing emissions system repairs and testing in an effort to help improve the quality of air in Washington State. There is absolutely no need for you to take your vehicle to many different repair shops or an expensive dealership to have your vehicle tested for emissions. We can test your vehicle for emissions and our ASE certified automotive technicians are also emissions specialists who can perform the required Auto Emissions Repairs and then rerun the emissions test if emissions repair is required in order to certify the vehicle.

One of the primary sources of air pollution in Washington State is motor vehicles. The pollution that they cause is linked to health problems such as heart attacks and cancer and also triggers asthma attacks. Over one third of the residents of Washington State have at least one medical condition that is made worse by it or are in an age group that is at risk for health problems from this pollution. In addition to other transportation related sources, motor vehicles also produce almost one half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State. Climate change is the result of these greenhouse gases. In Washington State, the effects of this climate change include further loss of the salmon habitat, reduced water supplies for agriculture and people, increased coastal erosion, increased flooding in the wintertime, low stream flows in the summertime, and reduced snow pack. These are some of the reasons that it is important for vehicle owners to make sure that their vehicles pass the emissions tests or seek Auto Emissions Repair.