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These days, automobiles use sophisticated technology to operate correctly and are mainly controlled by computers. The performance of your automobile is determined in a large way by this sophisticated technology. Whenever your automobile isn’t running right or the unpopular check engine light is illuminated, Auto Computer Diagnostics at Lloyd’s Auto Clinic in Kent, Washington can determine which component is malfunctioning. Auto Computer Diagnostics performed by Lloyd’s Auto Clinic can help whenever you are experiencing automobile problems. Usually, simple Auto Computer Diagnostic testing will identify any internal problems.

The onboard computer system in your automobile is telling you that it has determined that service is required because it has detected a problem with at least one of the several different systems that it controls and/or monitors, such as your transmission or engine whenever a warning light is illuminated. Therefore, Auto Computer Diagnostic testing is recommended to provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of your automobile. We offer complete Auto Computer Diagnostics services utilizing the most modern diagnostic equipment, which is connected to your automobile to determine any trouble codes in the onboard computer.

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Computer Diagnostics
Danial Adams, Mechanic
Our ASE certified and highly trained automotive technicians use the exact same procedures that are used by the much more expensive dealerships that retrieve this data directly from the information stream from the automobile using a diagnostics computer to accurately identify your service requirements of failures of your system(s). In order to return your automobile to its original smooth running condition, our ASE certified automotive technicians can provide you with a repair or service recommendation after the trouble code has been retrieved from the diagnostics computer.
Whenever testing by a diagnostics computer is recommended for your automobile, everybody simply assumes it is a serious problem, which can result in expensive repair costs. However, automobile owners shouldn’t be overly concerned since one of the more common practices for identifying problems on the automobiles of today that are often controlled by computers is by a diagnostics computer. Automobile owners shouldn’t be alarmed whenever their automobile requires testing using a diagnostics computer. Frequently, this diagnostics computer is the most cost effective and efficient way for our ASE certified automotive technicians to diagnose a problem. However, since the term Auto Computer Diagnostics is generic and can cover many different operations, we will explain exactly what needs to be done prior to asking you to authorize any work on your automobile as the result of the diagnostics computer testing.

The capability of our ASE certified automotive technicians to accurately determine what additional tests may be required as well as accurately interpreting both the information from the diagnostics computer and the test results is the direct result extensive experience and training. These days, our ASE certified automotive technicians use an automotive diagnostics computer in much the same way that physicians use medical testing. In both cases, combining skilled hands with expert knowledge, diagnostics computer testing, and test results can result in the ultimate cure or an accurate diagnosis.

Automobiles become ever increasingly more complicated every year. That is the primary reason that a diagnostics computer is required for troubleshooting. These days, automobiles can have as many as 50 different computers in on them. Therefore, diagnostics computer testing is required. Some of these computers actually make it easier to service your automobile, while at the same time they might make it more difficult for you to work on your own automobile if you aren’t familiar with diagnostics computer testing or don’t have access to diagnostics computer testing equipment.

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One of the most common problems is when the computer in your automobile finds a malfunctioning component in your emission control system, which will illuminate your check engine light. In order to determine the exact problem, our ASE certified automotive technicians will retrieve your DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) from a diagnostics computer. Some of the problems that can illuminate the check engine light that diagnostics computer testing can reveal might include:

  • Your automobile is emitting high levels of pollutants
  • Somewhere, water got into your engine
  • Spark plugs
  • Your gas cap not being on tight enough

The computer will send commands to three different systems after receiving this information. These systems are the emission control system, the ignition system and the fuel system. The check engine light will be illuminated whenever a problem is indicated. Our ASE certified automotive technicians will then determine the exact problem by using diagnostics computer testing. Therefore, whenever your check engine light is illuminated, you should bring your automobile to Lloyd’s Auto Clinic in Kent and we will inform you exactly what the real problem is by using diagnostics computer testing.

The sensory components contained in your automobile include:

  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Manifold Pressure Sensor
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor

There are numerous advantages to testing using Computer Diagnostics on an automobile. One of the most important advantages of diagnostics computer testing is that it is one of the best methods to determine what the specific problem is that was vaguely indicated by the illuminated check engine light. Testing using Auto Computer Diagnostics will determine exactly what the problem is because no actual repairs can be performed until the specific problem has been determined. There are numerous components of the automobile that can be tested using Auto Computer Diagnostics that will determine the exact problem. Therefore, after the exact problem with the automobile has been determined using a diagnostics computer, our ASE certified automotive technicians can determine the best repair for any make or model of the foreign or domestic automobile. Diagnostics computer testing will effectively and efficiently isolate the problem.