Brake Service Kent, WA

It is equally important for an auto to stop well as it is to run well. That is the reason that Lloyd’s Auto Repair offers free, no obligation Braking system inspections. Your auto will keep stopping longer and safer by having routine brake inspections. There are many things that determine how frequently you should have your Braking system serviced such as the quality of your Braking system pads, the thickness of your rotors, the driving conditions, as well as others.

To make sure that your Braking system is safe, it is a good idea to have a routine Braking system inspection every other time you have the oil changed in your auto. It can be expensive to have your Braking system drums or rotors replaced or machined, which can be required if you wait too long between visits. Therefore, before your Braking system fails altogether, you should visit Lloyd’s Auto Repair for a routine Braking system inspection.


Our free, no obligation Braking system inspection includes:

  • Inspection of the Emergency Braking System
  • Strip Dip Brake fluid test
  • Drum wear measurement
  • Rotor wear measurement
  • Front and Rear Braking System pad measurement

We will determine if your auto needs any other Braking system service during your free Braking system inspection such as:

  • Replacement of other Braking System components such as Braking System hoses or lines.
  • Braking System bleeding
  • Changing the Braking System fluid
  • Replacement or Resurfacing of drums or rotors
  • Installation of new Braking System shoes or pads

Kent, WA Brake Service Experts

You need Brake Service and Repair whenever your auto makes a squealing noise when the Braking system is applied or if you aren’t confident that the Braking system will stop your auto in a straight and firm manner. All autos need Brake Service and Repair in time. Our ASE certified auto technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable on the Braking systems of all makes and models of foreign and domestic autos. We provide excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service. We can diagnose the problems with your autos’ Braking system as well as providing a solution that is affordable, competitive, and reasonable. We can perform drum and/or rotor machining and replacement, Braking system adjustments, Braking system bleeding, ABS Brake Service and Brake Repair as well as many other Braking system services.

As moisture builds up in your Braking system fluid, the Braking system fluid can become contaminated in time. The majority of Braking system components contain copper, which starts to erode whenever the copper is exposed to moisture. It is time for a fluid change whenever particles start contaminating the Braking system fluid as these Braking System components erode. During your free Braking system inspection, our ASE certified auto technician will determine if your auto needs a Braking system fluid change by inspecting as well as performing a strip dip Braking system fluid test. It is time for a Braking system fluid change if the strip dip Braking system fluid tests reveals that your Braking system fluid is contaminated.

Whenever air finds its way into your Braking system fluid line, it is time for your Braking system to be bled. Just having recent work done on your Braking system, over running your master cylinder, or a leak can all cause the introduction of air into your Braking system fluid. If your Braking system fluid line has air in it, it can result in your brake pedal feeling spongy and/or soft whenever you press down on it. You will need to have your Braking system bled if you are experiencing this when you are braking to correct the problem.

You should address your Braking system problem whenever you hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding when you apply your Brakes. Other indications of Braking system problems are a shaking steering wheel and/or a spongy or soft brake pedal whenever you are applying your Brakes. You should bring your auto to Lloyd’s Auto Repair if you notice any of these common indications of Braking system problems. Your auto Braking System helps you to safely avoid collisions with other vehicles or objects daily as well as being important for you to maintain this critical component of your auto.

Our ASE certified auto technicians are Braking system professionals. They are highly trained as well as having numerous years of experience servicing as well as repairing all different kinds of Braking Systems. We will accurately diagnose the problems with your Braking system and will have you safely back on the road in no time at a reasonable, competitive, as well as being affordable priced. Our ASE certified auto technicians know and understand every component of your Braking system from electronic anti-lock  sensors to disc and/or drum Braking systems to the power braking booster to the hydraulic Braking system fluid to the brake pedal. They can accurately diagnose any problem as well as perform Braking system repair on any make or model of foreign or domestic auto.

The Braking system on your auto provides the capability to stop your auto safely as well as efficiently. Therefore, your Braking system is a critical component of safe driving. Others sharing the road, as well as passenger, the driver and the auto are all protected by a well maintained Braking system. Periodic inspection of the hydraulics, critical Brake components, in addition to the friction material will help to make sure that your Braking system performance is efficient in addition to your repairs being cost effective.