30k 60k 90k Service Kent, WA

Many different maintenance and repair problems might come up for vehicle owners, as their vehicles increases in mileage. Most of these problems can be identified by using routine maintenance scheduled services. This is the 30-60-90K service schedule that can be performed by Lloyd’s Auto Clinic in Kent, Washington. These 30-60-90K service schedules are provided by the manufacturers of the vehicles to the owners of the vehicles in order for them to optimize the performance of their vehicle, increase the resale value of their vehicle, and preserve the condition of their vehicle.

The manufacturers also provide service schedules for different mileage intervals, and some sources even provide contradictory or differing opinions with regard to exactly when vehicles need to be serviced or if there is even a standard service interval that determines when all vehicles need to be serviced. However, usually automotive technicians and manufacturers recommend these services in intervals of the most important and common of these services at 30K miles. At the intervals of 30-60-90K miles, there are respective problems that should be addressed. These problems range from many different repairs that can be found through visual inspections at later mileages to belt changes, filter and fluid changes.

Frequently, the repair requirements of a vehicle will be determined by the history of past service and repairs. Different service maintenance requirements will become more common with the addition of mileage and age. The majority of vehicles have had a major service or repair by 90K miles. Obviously, a service or repair will be different for a variey of vehicles and also vary based on many particular factors. However, in order for vehicle owners to maintain their vehicle operating in the best condition possible, it is recommended that a routinely scheduled service be performed on the 30-60-90K service basis. This helps to ensure your safety, the life of your vehicle, as well as vehicle reliability and performance. Many of the usual services and repairs detected at a routine mileage service are easily performed and rather minor. However, if this service or repair isn’t performed, additional problems might be in the future of the vehicle. The 30-60-90K service interval is the basic recommendation for routine vehicle service maintenance.

Kent, WA 30k 60k 90k Service Experts

The 30-60-90K interval service includes the following service maintenance items:

  • A Vehicle Road Test
  • When Required at Higher Mileage, Timing Belts, Accessory Belts, and Spark Plugs
  • Visual Inspection of Systems and Components Such as Fuel System Components, Hoses, Belts, Lights, Brakes, and Wheels
  • Tire Pressure Adjustments, Computer Spin Balance, and Tire Rotations
  • Oil Change
  • Filter Changes and Inspections

The manufacturer has recommended regularly scheduled service maintenance in order to maintain your vehicle running at its very best, regardless of what kind of vehicle you happen to be driving. This is commonly known as the 30-60-90K service scheduled maintenance or the factory scheduled service maintenance. This 30-60-90K service scheduled maintenance was so named since the typical service schedule for this maintenance service is about every 30K miles. There are some drivers who consider this service maintenance schedule to be optional. They simply don’t see any reason take their vehicle in for service maintenance if it is still running fine. However, this service schedule is important to avoid expensive vehicle repairs as well as being important for the overall health of your vehicle and not simply a ploy to get you to spend money at the auto repair shop.

There are many different reasons why the factory recommended service maintenance is so important. Vehicle owners need to pay attention to your factory service maintenance schedule for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Regular Service Maintenance Can Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle. Regular Service Maintenance Simply Keeps Your Vehicle Running at Its Best Possible.
  • It Can Prevent Small Problems From Becoming Big Problems. As The Old Saying Goes, An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. Regular Service Maintenance Might Identify Potential Problems Early Prior to Them Damaging Other Components or Causing a Breakdown. This Might Save You a Considerably Amount of Money in The Future.
  • Your Warranty Might Depend on Regularly Scheduled Service Maintenance. Some Manufacturers Place Such Importance on 30-60-90K Maintenance That Not Following This Service Schedule Might Void the Warranty on Your Vehicle.

Our ASE certified automotive technician will notify you of any possible issues during scheduled service maintenance. However, the ASE certified automotive technician won’t perform any service or replace parts that don’t require replacing, which will save you money during the scheduled service maintenance. Usually, the more components will need to be replaced the higher the mileage on the vehicle. For example, usually the timing belt is changed between 90K and 100K miles.

The dealership doesn’t have to perform the scheduled service maintenance, even though the factory scheduled maintenance service might be required as part of your warranty. We consider our services an alternative to the expensive service at the dealerships. As long as you have the scheduled service performed by a certified repair shop, your warranty will remain valid. This way, you can receive high quality scheduled 30-60-90K service maintenance while avoiding the expensive rates charged by the service department at the dealership.