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Lloyd’s Auto Clinic offers a complete range of domestic and foreign car automotive repair services to the greater Seattle King County area. Our auto repair shop has expertly trained and qualified service and repair technicians ready to offer every one of our customers nothing less than complete satisfaction each and every time you bring your car to our shop for service and repair. Listed below are the service categories and list of services offered at our auto repair facility.

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Maintaining your vehicles alignment is not only important for safety, it can help keep future cost down by reducing hundreds of dollars on premature tire replacement.


ABS Brake Repair, Brake Bleeding, Brake Adjustment Brake Replacement, Brake Rotors / Drums.

Suspension & Steering

4×4 Suspension, Independent Rear Suspensions, High Performance Suspensions, Leaf Spring Suspensions, Suspension Install.

Cooling Systems

Coolant Change (Flush), Coolant Filter, Coolant Pump, Coolant Reservoir Tank, Coolant Temperature Sensor.

CV Axle

Front End Suspension, CV Joint Repair, CV Axle Repair and Replacement

Safety Inspections

Inspection, Emissions Repairs, Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection.

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AIr Conditioning

Accumulator, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Recharge, Ambient Temperature Switch, Blower Motor.

Engine Repair

Engine Replacement, Head Gaskets, Oil Pump Replacement, Camshaft Repair, Crankshaft Repair.

Electrical System Repair

Powered Windows, Powered Seating, Powered Mirrors, Brake Lamps, Headlamps.


Battery Maintenance, Battery Troubleshooting, Starter Relay, Starter Repair, Ignition Switch.

Belts & Hoses

Brake Hoses, Coolant Hose, Drive Belt, Fan Belt Replacement, Fuel Hose.

Clutch Service Repair

Clutch Kit Installation, Clutch Adjustment, Clutch Slave Cylinder.

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Exhaust Systems

Custom Exhaust, Dual Exhaust, Exhaust Heat Shield, Exhaust Kits.

Fuel Systems

Custom Fuel Tanks, Fuel Filter Installation, Fuel Filter Maintenance, Fuel Filter Removal, Fuel Filter Repair.

Lighting & Wipers

Windshields, Windshield Replacement, Windshield Wiper Arm, Windshield Wiper Motor, Windshield Wiper Switch.

Filters & Fluids

Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter, Transmission and Engine Oil Change.

Check Engine Lights

Pull Codes Causing Check Engine Light, Check Engine Light Repair and Service.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Diagnostics Want peace of mind when buying a new or used car or truck? The fact is that even in today’s world of “certified” used cars and low mileage vehicles, problems can lurk that will cause you a lot of undue aggravation, lost time from work or family and possible high repair bills. Lloyd’s Auto Clinic offers a low-cost, unbiased diagnostics assessment of your potential vehicle purchase.

Our detailed inspection will cover every major system as well as exterior inspection and performance tests. We will provide you with a fair price that you should pay for the vehicle based on NADA guidelines and you can use this information as a bargaining chip with the dealer. Get Lloyd’s Auto Clinic on your side and let us inspect your potential vehicle purchase before you buy. 

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